How to wall mount a TV – – The Nation Newspaper

How to wall mount a TV – – The Nation Newspaper

One of the biggest advantages of modern TVs is that you can mount them on a wall, allowing for a more cinematic viewing experience and saving space. While this hardware feature isn’t new by any means, TV manufacturers are consistently taking advantage of the aesthetic option. With new gimmicky TV models and presentation methods coming out all the time — including TVs that roll up and down, and models from Samsung and LG that hang like works of art in your living room — there’s never been a better time to wall mount your next TV. But before you break out the drill and stud finder, you will want to read this how-to guide we’ve put together, especially if this is your first time mounting a new TV on a wall.

Wall mounting isn’t rocket science, but it does require a fair bit of precision, care, and patience. After all, the last thing you want to experience is your new set lying cracked on your hardwood floor in a pile of crumbled drywall. Take a few minutes to read and absorb our tips, tricks, and expertise.

What height should my TV be on the wall?

You’re going to be clocking many hours with your eyes glued to this TV, so the height at which you mount it might be the most important decision you make. While there is some debate around whether higher is better, the best position for most people is eye level, not looking up. Think about it: No one sits in the front rows of a movie theater because looking up at the screen is a strain on the neck and eyes. But it’s also wise to determine what “seated” means in the particular room your TV is in and how you’ll be watching it.

For example, if you’re going to be watching the game sitting on bar stools or while playing darts or pool, you’re going to want to mount the TV higher than you would if you’re slouched on the couch binging your latest obsession.

To mount your TV at eye level, take a seat as you normally would on your preferred chair, stool, or couch, and have a friend or family member measure from the floor up to your eye level, keeping in mind others that might be watching the TV, too (a couple of inches in height isn’t going to make a huge difference).

This height is going to be where the center of your TV should be, not the top or bottom edges. Alternately, a good general height, according to Samsung, is 42-inches from the floor, which is roughly eye level for someone who is 5-foot 6-inches tall. Whatever height you decide on, though, take a piece of painter’s tape and stick it to the wall in the spot where the center will be. Then, have a seat and stare for a minute or 10. If it feels comfortable, then you’re good.

The size of your TV is also going to play a small factor, as the height of the TV (measured from the top edge to the bottom) divided in half is going to be the center. If you’re …….


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